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The Nigerian Thunder League (NTL): Issue 7

(As chronicled by Voss)


I have just finished rereading Leslie Frewin’s biography of Marlene Dietrich, Dietrich: The Story of a Star, a slim volume of 187 pages. I love the book; it is written in agreeably simple prose. Unfortunately, there were so many things left unsaid in that book. About that, I refuse to be pinned to specifics. You should have an idea what the things are when you read Kirk Douglas’s autobiography, The Ragman’s Son.





Presidential Wolves = 3          ———–

Patriotic Stars FC = 0                

BH No-Pity FC =  3                 ———–

Corruption United = 0              

Natural Disaster Babes  = 4    – ———–

Hunger Stars FC = 0                 

Kalashnikov-no-Face FC  = 2     ———

Police Marauders FC = 0

EFCC Stars  = 0                       ———-

Corruption United = 2              

Hunger Stars FC = 0                 ———–        Kalashnikov-no-Face FC = 1   







(Hidden)          ———–

Presidential Wolves  ——

Corruption United

(Hidden)          ———–

Presidential Wolves   ——

Corruption United

(Hidden)          ———–

Presidential Wolves   ——-

Corruption United

(Hidden)          ———–

Police Marauders FC    —–

Corruption United

(Hidden)          ———–

Hunger Stars FC         ——

Police Marauders FC   

(Hidden)          ———–

Politricks FC           ——-

Corruption United




Presidential Wolves striker, Goodluck J. Okocha, recently asked an elderly buddy and chairman of Wolves, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur-Bebeto, to mentor more leaders. Question is, where is the leadership? Bamanga Tukur had not cared to restrain his son, Mahmud, from the pot of our patrimony… Maybe striker Goodluck J. Okocha thinks being in a position of power and authority makes one a leader. It doesn’t. Goodluck J. Okocha’s flattering comments have changed nothing.  Right now words are superfluous; they irritate the youths who unambiguously insist on rectitude and accountability in government. What Goodluck J. Okocha should have said to Alhaji Bamanga Tukur-Bebeto: “Rebuke your son in the market square and hand him over to EFCC (Stars)!”


The truth is morbid, but we have to face it: Oil has been a curse to Nigeria. It has cursed the country with showers of violence, instability, billionaire militants/ terrorists; it has flamed the cupidity and vanity of our elite… Some women of the Niger Delta recently sought for a peaceful and United Nigeria. Disunity and the attendant strife have been the ruin of many nations; these women know it; they said so. But is Power listening? Would Power act on that?


Let’s face another morbid truth: though some Nigerians (mostly the elite) are at present bawling their willingness to fight and die for Nigeria’s unity, they of course wouldn’t mind if Nigeria disintegrates this very minute: Nigeria interests them not at all. What interests them – Dubai, Zurich, London, Paris…


The Unbelievers! 😦